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Nicgid: A Journey of Innovation and Commitment

In a world constantly evolving, Nicgid was born from a profound passion for innovation and a dedication to delivering high-quality yet affordable products. A seamless blend of functionality and style, our diverse range of sling bags, chest shoulder backpacks, and crossbody bags are crafted with both men and women in mind.

Understanding You: At the heart of Nicgid lies a simple understanding of your unique needs. This fuels our drive to present not just products, but solutions – designed to enhance safety, control, efficiency, and most importantly, your everyday joy. Whether you’re navigating the bustling city streets or embarking on a serene countryside journey, we ensure you do it with unmatched elegance and comfort.

Embracing Innovation: The very essence of the Nicgid brand is captured in one word: Innovation. To us, this isn’t just a concept but a promise. A promise that each Nicgid product you own has been thoughtfully designed, keeping you, the end-user, in mind. It’s this relentless pursuit of better that pushes our enthusiastic team to constantly reimagine the boundaries of what’s possible.

Customer-First Approach: Your satisfaction is our success. Every decision, every design, and every innovation stems from a single thought: How can we enhance the Nicgid experience for you? And it doesn’t just stop at products. Our commitment shines through in the meticulous service we offer, ensuring that every interaction you have with us is seamless, memorable, and joyful.

Your Voice Matters: As we continue this exhilarating journey, your insights, feedback, and suggestions are our guiding light. So, join us in crafting the future of Nicgid. Let’s co-create, evolve, and celebrate the true essence of innovative design together.

Thank you for making us a part of your story. Welcome to the Nicgid family.

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nicgid customer reviews

If you’re looking for a rugged, well designed and put together tote for this, that and a bunch of other things, this one will serve you nicely. It includes several partitions and pockets that can make stowing your miscellany more handy and much less chaotic. It’s nicely roomy. There’s at least three ways to carry it, which is also handy.

As far as water resistance is concerned, I’ve only had it get a light sprinkle of rain or slight dusting of snow. I can’t say how well it would do if caught out it on a long walk in a heavy downpour. Those likely to be in that situation should get a can of silicone waterproofing spray, give the bag’s exterior a good going over followed by a day or two for the protectant to thoroughly dry. Better to be safe than sorry, especially if you’re carrying costly electronics. Just do the spraying in a well ventilated place and let the bag dry thoroughly where you won’t have to breathe the fumes.


Perfect for my new camera and accessories bag…. for it to be a “small” bag, it holds a whole lot of my action camera gear and more… taking this on my cruise/vacation with me this upcoming week and while packing it last night(quick delivery too Philly, PA) turning out to be PERFECT!!! I had size concerns prior to purchase…but NO more!!! You can also switch shoulder strap clips, to accommodate either left or right over the shoulder carrying…. Another great option….

– Richard B

nicgid customer reviews 2

As good as it looks,Been using the bag everyday since purchased it 2 months ago for work. Got my Surface in there, my 13 inch iPad Pro and all sorts of little gadgets and accessories. I sometimes wear it while riding my motorcycle and haven’t had any issues. It’s comfortable, sturdy and looks good. Definitely recommend.

– Smith Jean

nicgid customer reviews 3

 Perfect for travel, Bought this sling bag for a recent trip to Europe. It was PERFECT! It bag is well built and seems to be very sturdy. We wore ours daily and they held up great. Could easily store the things I needed including a great way to secure your passport. Kept everything close to my body and perfectly secured. Great for air travel as well. Highly recommended

– GDawg

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Dark Green Sling Bag Chest Shoulder Backpack
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Sling Chest Bag Shoulder Crossbody Army-Green
Sling Chest Bag Shoulder Crossbody Black
Chest Shoulder Backpack Blue-Green-fits-Ipad
13.3'' Laptop Bag Crossbody Shoulder